As a Councilmember I will focus on the City’s long term objectives. San Jose is a wonderful city and should continue to be a city where our children will want to raise their children. As a Councilmember I will strive to have our City provide the best quality services to its residents and businesses on a sustainable basis. San Jose must be a city with ample employment opportunities, safe streets, high quality schools, vibrant neighborhoods, and well maintained parks.

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Safe Streets

Safe streets requires more than hiring additional police officers. It means preventing crime before it happens and building a strong sense of community where neighbors look after one another. Safe streets means streets that are free of potholes and well maintained sidewalks.  As your City Council member I will:

  • Increase the police force to 1200 sworn officers
  • Utilize non-sworn (and far less expensive) personnel when a sworn officer is not required
  • Promote prevention over intervention
  • Work with school districts, non-profits and businesses to provide after school recreation, counseling, and tutoring programs
  • Promote Neighborhood watch and other neighborhood based programs
  • Use data analytics to place police in hot spots before a crime takes place
  • Support the Park Ranger program
  • Restore the Police Burglary Unit
  • Promote community policing
  • Support the aggressive graffiti removal programs
  • Improve the safety of our streets and sidewalks by investing in their repair
  • Support the gang prevention task force

Vibrant Neighborhoods

As your City Council Member I will work hard to build a sense of community in our neighborhoods by:

  • Supporting the Cap Grant program
  • Utilizing the D1 Leadership group to facilitate communications and collaboration between neighborhood groups
  • Promoting community events like the Annual Trash Day and National Night Out
  • Supporting land use decisions that promote mixed use walkable communities
  • Increasing library hours to more than 4 days per week
  • Increasing promoting community arts programs

Fiscal Responsibility

I will work tirelessly to reduce waste and streamline processes. I will ensure our tax dollars are spent wisely. I will build a strong relationship with the business community and work with our businesses to bring jobs to San Jose. More jobs mean more revenue which is needed to provide quality services to the residents and businesses of San Jose. As your City Council Member I will:

  • Support pension reform and promote a two tiered pension system
  • Protect job producing lands from being converted to housing
  • Streamline the permitting process
  • Streamline City business practices
  • Promote the use of tax incentives and density bonuses to encourages development
  • Promote the ongoing maintenance of assets (a stitch in time saves 9)
  • Expand the Office of Economic Development

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