Mercury News Endorsement “In a race with several solid candidates, Bob Levy stands out as the most qualified to represent District 1 on the San Jose City Council.

Levy has worked tirelessly on neighborhood and city issues. He was the founding president of the Easterbrook Neighborhood Association, in the heart of the district where he has lived for 25 years — but his expertise and good instincts on planning and development issues are what really set him apart. Like it or not, this will be critically important in the next few years in this West San Jose district that stretches from Santana Row to Westgate Shopping Center.

District 1 will be a proving ground for urban village development that’s envisioned in the city’s 2040 general plan, aiming to create walkable neighborhoods rather than car-centric sprawl. It’s a great plan, but execution is everything.”
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Mayor Susan Hammer “Bob has earned my endorsement through his leadership as the chair of both the City’s Planning Commission and County Parks Commission. He has served District 1 on a wide range of boards, committees, and commisions. Bob has proven himself to be extremely knowledgably, hardworking, and fair. He comes to meetings with an open mind but not afraid to make difficult unpopular decisions. I enthusiastically endorse Bob Levy. I believe he will be an outstanding City Councilmember.”
— Former Mayor Susan Hammer
Linda LeZotte “Bob Levy will make an excellent City Councilmember. I have known and worked with Bob as both a member of the San Jose City Council and a member of the Water District Board. I’ve been impressed in the manner in which Bob operates. He quickly comprehends the issues being addressed. As the chair of both the City Planning Commission and Water District Environmental Advisory Committee, Bob did an excellent job of engaging the other Committee members and managing the meetings.”
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— Former City Council Member Linda LeZotte- District 1
— Board of Directors, Santa Clara Valley Water District

The following individuals have endorsed Bob Levy for San Jose City Council

*Please note that titles are for identification purposes only.

Susan Hammer Mayor of San Jose (ret.)
Linda LeZotte San Jose of City Council Member- District 1 (ret.)
Rod Diridon Sr. Director Mineta Transportation Institute
Trixie Johnson San Jose of City Council Member- District 1 (ret.)
Dean Chu Mayor of Sunnyvale (ret.)
Bob Livengood Mayor of Milpitas (ret.)
Tom Ferrito Mayor of Los Gatos (ret.)
Rod Sink Vice Mayor Cupertino
Nai Hsueh Water District Board Member
Ken Kelly President , United Neighborhoods of Santa Clara County
Lisa Killough Director or County Parks (ret.)
Phil Hammer Attorney
Garnetta Annable Open Space Authority Board (ret.)
Lori Kahn Vice President, D1 Leaderhip Group
Michael Wright President , Easterbrook Neighborhood Association
Dean Matthews Campbell Mayor (ret.), School Board Member
Steve Ellenberg Attorney
Andrew Katcher Non-Profit Manager
Anne Dunhan Non-Profit Manager
Bonnie Mace Evergreen School District Board
Brian Quint San Jose Parks Commission
Dorsey Moore Open Space Authority Board
Jim Foran Open Space Authority Board
Jim Zito Evergreen School District Board
Jonathan Jackel President West Valley Bar Association
Conrad Minshall Small Business Owner
Kerri Hamilton Cal SJ Association
Larry Ames San Jose Neighborhoods Commission
Rita Norton Consultant
Rudy Flores Parks Commissioner
Ruth Pangilna Non-Profit Administrator
Sergio Jimenez Neighborhood Association President
Virginia Holtz Open Space Authority Board
Virginia Thomas Parks Commissioner
Terry Trumbull Environmental Studies Professor, San Jose State University
Wanda Alexander Non-Profit Manager
Dana Magat Rabbi
Dan Levy Business Executive
Nell Levy Phyician (ret.)
Aaron Levy Student
Al Roth Health Care Specialist
Al Sporer Retired
Andrea Volore Real Estate Agent
Bill Piazza Data Modeller
Bob Cant Retired
Bobi Levine Teacher (ret)
Brad Wall Retired
Bunny Roth
Chris Stabenfeldt Environmental Consultant
Chris Tucker IT Architect
Claudia Paige Teacher
Dan Hoffman Lawyer (ret.)
Dan Lee Retired
Dan Winter Business Executive
Dave Feiner Graphic Designer
David Graubart Business Manager
David Ledowitz Business Analyst
David Reisner Retired
Dawn Moses Homemaker
Dennis Connor Business Manager
Don Carroll Teacher
Don Currie Business Executive
Don Draper Business Manager
Ed Pottharst Government Administator
Eleanor Rusnak Small Business Owner
Elizabeth Bernstein Writer
Ellen Levy Educational Administrator
Enrique Guadiamos Manager
Eric Levy PhD. Candidate, Bio-Informatics
Eric McConnell Graphic Designer
Ernie Dutcher Small Business Owner
Gabriel Paun GIS Specialist
Gordon Robinson PC Analyst
Harriet Reisner Retired
Helen Chapman Research Specialist
Howard Taub Business Executive
Hyla Wagner Attorney
Ira Leventhal Engineer
Janet Boeninger Engineer
Jeff Hoffman Real Estate Executive
Jim Heerwagen Business Executive
Jim Levy Environmental Engineer
Joan Fox Small Business Owner
John Fioretta Attorney
Jonathan Eisenberg Venture Capitalist
Jonathan Hirshon Small Business Owner
Judy Gottfeld Teacher
Judy Levy Teacher
Julia Goldstein Technical Writer
Justin English Business Manager
Karen Feinberg
Karen Ott Librarian, Moreland School District
Kelly Snieder Real Estate Executive
Kevin Chan Supply Chain Planning Specialist
Kevin Kmitz Business Analyst
Kiana Tran Homemaker
Kim Jackman Homemaker
Laura Danoff Business Manager
Laura Winter Residential Designer
Lawrence Feinberg IT Consultant
Linda Chase
Lisa English Business Manager
Liv Ames Photographer
Liz Shivel Attorney (ret.)
Louis Sciupac Consultant
Louis Silver Attorney
Maggie Cant Retired
Maria Carroll Teacher
Mark Prusinowski Graphic Designer
Martin Goldstein Engineer
Marv Bamburg Architect
Maureen Ellenberg Retired