Bob Levy for San Jose City Council District 1

I am committed to improving the quality of life in San Jose. During the last two decades, I have served on 15 public and non-profit boards, committees and commissions.

My commitment to public service has led to my candidacy to represent you on the San Jose City Council. I believe my passion for our City combined with my skills and experience will allow me to effectively represent you from day one.

Currently, I’m the Chair of the San Jose Parks Commission and the Santa Clara Valley Water District’s Environmental Advisory Committee. I’ve also served as Chair of the San Jose Planning Commission and the Santa Clara County Park and Recreation Commission as well as worked for the City of Santa Clara. In these roles, I’ve managed difficult, politically-charged meetings, and have developed a unique understanding of city government from the staff’s perspective as well as others.


Professionally, I’m a project manager and senior business analyst with more than 25 years of experience in Information Technology. After working for companies across Silicon Valley, I’ve developed an in depth, hands-on understanding of the business that drives our city’s economy.

As the founding president of the Easterbrook Neighborhood Association and a member of the City Council-member’s District 1 Leadership Group, I have direct experience with the issues that face many of our San Jose neighborhoods.

I believe that the depth and breadth of my experiences across business, community, and government gives me a unique ability to understand your needs as well as the needs of our City, and will allow me to engender the type of change that will improve our City.

On a more personal note, my wife, Judy, and I have lived in our Easterbrook neighborhood home for 20 years. Judy is a Resource Specialist supporting children with mild to moderate disabilities in kindergarten through fifth grade. We have three children—all attending different UC Schools. Our oldest, Eric, is a PhD candidate in Bio-Informatics at UC San Diego. Aaron is senior at UC Davis studying sustainable agriculture. Our daughter, Rachel, is a sophomore at UC Santa Cruz and preparing to be a teacher with a Education and Spanish double major.

While raising our three amazing children I served as the Cub Master for Pack 325 and as a soccer and football coach. This experience increased my understanding of the issues that our young people face every day, and further strengthened my commitment to needs of the next generation of San Jose residents.

As your Council-member I will work hard to keep San Jose’s economy strong and our neighborhoods safe. Not surprisingly, among my first priorities will be to make sure our City’s public safety departments are second to none, and that your tax dollars are spent in an efficient and effective manner in line with your needs.

Given the dynamic nature of Silicon Valley, from both economic and community perspectives, I will continually keep my eye on the future, watching for trends as well as opportunities so we are prepared to act when needed.

My goal is to ensure that San Jose remains the type of city where our children want to raise their children for generations to come.

I would be honored to represent you as your City Council-member, and hope you will support my effort to serve you, your families, and this exciting City in which we live and work.